10 ways to ensure lasting change with hypnotherapy

I often get asked by new clients how lasting the changes will be that they are making under hypnosis or if and how soon it will wear off. This often stems from having had previous encounters with hypnosis in a setting where they either didn’t feel comfortable or where they were forced into by a third party (parent, spouse etc). In all honesty, hypnosis should never wear off – once the change has been made, new neuro-pathways form in the brain ensuring a lasting new response and behaviour.

But to ensure that the hypnosis process is effective and lasting, some guidelines need to be followed and these include:

  1. Do research on Hypnotherapists in your area – when searching for hypnotherapists in your area, make sure to read the content on their website but also on their other social media platforms – most Hypnotherapists will at least also have a Facebook page. Try to find recent articles / blog posts that have been written to give you an idea of the Hypnotherapists depth and breadth of knowledge but also personality. Do not hesitate to call them up to ask any questions you might have before you make a booking. 

  2. Understand Hypnotherapy is a process – Hypnotherapy is not magic and most issues require a couple of sessions to resolve. Be patient – remember it took you years to learn this unwanted behaviour, so it will take some time to unlearn it. However Hypnotherapy is a fairly rapid change process and you should see changes in your behaviour between 3-6 sessions.

  3. Do the preparation work – in most cases, after you have made a booking, you will receive some sort of preparation work to do. This is usually very easy and not time-consuming. However take this time to reflect on the behaviour you want to change.

  4. Make sure you have all your questions answered – Before you proceed with the trance work make sure that you feel comfortable with the process as well as the Hypnotherapist. If something feels off or if you are not 100% sure, you have the right to not continue with the trance part of the session. 

  5. Give your full cooperation – it’s a common miss conception that some people can’t be hypnotised. This true to some extent – the only people who can’t be hypnotised are the ones that don’t want to or the ones that have a diminished cognitive ability. All that is expected of you to be hypnotised, is to listen carefully and follow the instructions and in no time you will feel yourself completely relaxing and becoming focused.

  6. Schedule and attend your follow-up sessions – in order to ensure effective and lasting change, hypnosis sessions need to be around a week apart. Doing one session now and another 2 months later will not be effective. We understand that things come up and something rescheduling can not be prevented but a good rhythm will ensure that you see change in no time.

  7. Give feedback to Hypnotherapist – if for instance in the previous session he/she used imagery of a staircase for a deepener and that made you uncomfortable, communicate that to the Hypnotherapist so that they can adjust their approach.  

  8. Practice self-care and do homework as recommended – sometimes you will be given exercises to do between sessions to manifest the changes. It is important to do these. They usually only take between 5-10 minutes of your day. 

  9. Do a top-up session a couple of weeks/months later – stay in touch with your Hypnotherapist. We all go through ups and downs in our lives and when you hit a bad patch, you might need some encouragement again. Do not ignore your mind or body when it cries for help, just go for a quick refresher session to make sure you stay on track.

  10. Enjoy! – It’s the most awesome feeling to take back your power and live the life you want to live. Enjoy this wonderful change and how it affects the rest of your life. And remember don’t look back, you’re not going that way 🙂

In closing, Hypnotherapy is a 50/50 process – you need to match the effort that the Hypnotherapist is putting into your change. We can only help you make the positive changes that you wish to make in your life, if you truly wish to make them and are willing to do the work. When you do, you’ll be amazed at the rapid change. So don’t hesitate to give it a try, you never know how great your life can actually be.

Take care,


Certified Hypnotist