5 reasons why you should try hypnosis

People often have very similar concerns when they consider hypnosis for the first time. Common questions I get asked during an intake discussion include: will you make me cluck like a chicken? will hypnosis open me up for evil spirits? will I lose all control? will you change who I am? can you make me do something against my will? how deep are you gonna scratch in my head? are you gonna uncover all my secrets? is it safe? what happens if I fall asleep? and and and…

These are all valid questions and always answered with the utmost respect. Hypnosis has been around since the mid 1700’s but the comical application (stage hypnosis) as well as the way that Hollywood portrays it in movies, have unfortunately not done the therapeutic world any favours.

Hypnosis is often defined as an “altered state of consciousness” (which can sound scary) but it really just means that you are very focused on one specific thought while the rest of your mind (conscious) is quiet and your body totally relaxed. A better definition I saw recently was “controlled daydreaming” which definitely gives a much better impression of the trance state. We all love daydreaming – being in a zone where you are so focused on one thought that the rest of the world around you just seem to disappear. Some people daydream a lot more than others, but we all have the innate ability to daydream. During hypnosis this daydreaming is just controlled to allow healing / growth to take place.

Benefits of Hypnosis

1. You get taught valuable skills for reducing stress in your life

During a hypnosis session, the Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist will most likely teach you self-hypnosis or at the very least deep breathing and mindfulness exercises. These are all very helpful to reduce stress in your life. Self-care is of the utmost importance to help one live a happy and satisfying life.

Experiencing the trance state is very healing for the body and the mind. During trance your sympathetic nervous system slows down – decreasing your heart rate, pulse and blood pressure etc which in turn accelerates healing. Your brain waves also slow down from Beta (fully alert) to Theta (state of tranquility and deep relaxation where the creative part of the mind is accessed) which makes you feel rested and rejuvenated and able to process stress better once you emerge from trance.


3. The days following trance, you sleep and feel so much better

Hypnosis uses the bodies own innate abilities to heal and restore and has no adverse side-effects which makes it ideal for whichever problem you are dealing with. Because the whole hypnosis experience is so peaceful and tranquil, people leave feeling calm, relaxed and at peace which often has the added benefit of sleeping so much better the following nights as well as having a renewed sense of hope.


4. You could resolve all kinds of problems holding you back from achieving your full potential

By now you know that hypnosis has a wider application than just comedy and it can truly help relieve / resolve most problems that we face – whether its physical (pain or discomfort, weight etc), emotional (depression, anxiety etc), cognitive (comprehension and memory) or habitual (smoking, nail biting etc). Just imagine how wonderful your life would be if nothing held you back and you could easily achieve all your goals and live a satisfying and rewarding life.


5. You can see results fairly quickly

Most problems can be relieved / resolved with hypnosis in 3-6 sessions. These however need to be weekly for best results. People who are committed and truly ready to welcome a new life, experience rapid change which is incredible. But not only is the change rapid, it is also lasting.

So if you haven’t experienced hypnosis before and have always been skeptical of how it can actually help, I hope that you will now consider it when you face any challenges in your life. Often just listening to a really good recording can provide some relief, but its always best to seek out a trained and qualified Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist so that the sessions can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Take care


 Certified Hypnotist