New year, new you – or not? Make those new year’s resolutions work for you!

New year's resolutions

So we’re one week into the New Year and I’m wondering how many of you are still committed to your New Year’s resolutions? Some find it very easy to stick to them but most start off with a bang on 1 Jan and then their enthusiasm and willpower start to fade until they completely give up, round about now. It is speculated that only 8% of people follow through with their resolutions.

But what is a New Year’s resolution?


In short it’s a commitment a person makes to him/herself to change an undesired behaviour or to accomplish a certain goal or to improve their life in some way. These usually relate to habits or behaviours that have been creating inner turmoil or conflict for the person and that they desperately want to change. Some of the most popular include to lose weight, stop smoking, enjoy life more, spend less and save more, etc.


New year's resolutions

Why do people then fail to follow-through with these resolutions?


New year's resolutions


One explanation could be that he/she has set too many – it’s never a good idea to try and work on too many self improvements at a time. It just gets overwhelming. So if you have decided to lose weight and stop smoking and save money, you might just become completely overwhelmed about all of the changes and then don’t see any of them through.

Another explanation can be that you get derailed by small failures – in the first few days of your diet you do well but then someone has a birthday and you cave and have a piece of cake. Instead of then acknowledging the slip and continuing with the diet, self-talk such as “I might as well give up, I couldn’t even last a week” could then get the best of you.

But what is then the solution?


New year's resolutions


It is important to keep the following 3 things in mind when you set your resolutions:

  1. Be realistic – choose only one thing you want to change at a time and be realistic about how soon you can achieve it. Don’t expect yourself to lose 10kg in one week.

  2. Do some self-reflection – think back about all of the times you have previously tried to achieve this goal and why you failed each and every time. Find ways to deal with those obstacles.

  3. Seek help – a qualified Hypnotist in your area would be able to help you address any emotional blocks that have been preventing you from achieving your goal as well as to turn up that willpower to ensure that this time around you follow through.

If you have already given up on this year’s resolutions, don’t fear, it’s never too late to start over. You can do so right now, not tomorrow, not next Monday, right now!

Simply decide what is most important to you – the anxiety of living your life the way you have been or to turn over a new page and becoming the person you truly wish to be. It never has to be just a New Year’s thing, you can change your habits / behaviours / life at any given time. Simply follow the above easy steps and you’ll be well on your way to finally achieving that goal.

So go ahead now, make that booking, you’ll be sure to thank yourself in no time. Let me help you change that habit / behaviour once and for all.

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New year's resolutions

Take care!

Christine du Plessis

Certified Hypnotist