What does it mean to Unlock your Potential?

When I were in the process of registering this business and playing around with names, I had to sit down and think what it was that I wanted to achieve and the answer was easy…

I wanted to help people become the very best versions of themselves –

help them reach their full potential

Why is it important for a person to reach their full potential?

We refer to the very best version of ourselves as the IDEAL SELF or the person you truly wish to be.  And for each one this is different:

  • For one person this is achieving a gold medal at the Olympics (career goal)
  • For another it is the ability to always remain calm in any situation (changing behaviours)
  • For the other its becoming a nonsmoker (changing habits)
  • Or to be free from depression (changing thoughts)

So the IDEAL SELF is a composition of the thoughts, behaviours, habits and goals that a person wish to achieve / change in order to reach a deep level of fulfillment.  A world-renowned Psychologist, Abraham Maslow termed this phenomena Self-actualisation.

What is Self-Actualisation?

Self-actualisation then is when a person maximises all their abilities and potential.  In other words, the realisation of a person’s full creative, intellectual or social potential.  It is argued if a person does not realise their full potential, that they will go through life feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied which in turn can lead to emotional and physical ailments.  It is in essence to follow your dreams – if an artist can’t paint or sculpt and end up in a dead-end office admin job, we can all imagine the frustration they will experience.  So it is crucial for any person to understand what their skills and abilities are, what their potential is (intellectual and environmental) and then finding the motivation and drive to just go for it.

How does this then relate to the philosophy of living in the moment and just being happy?

The philosophy of being happy in the moment is all about being satisfied with where your life is and with what and who you have in your life.  It encourages one to steer away from believing “I will be happy WHEN…I get a new car or have a baby or get that perfect job.”  It is based on the belief that if we can’t be happy with where we are, that we won’t be happy when we reach those milestones and this is absolutely true.  It is always good to have goals and things you want to change or achieve but one should also learn to be happy with exactly where you are.

So self-actualisation is not about finding your happiness but rather to reach your full potential while finding happiness along the way.

How do we achieve our full potential then?

This is achieved through unlocking your potential and that just means that we tap into the strengths that you already possess and then we reframe limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back from becoming this IDEAL SELF.  This is easily done through a couple of sessions of HYPNOSIS where all limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are addressed and you are taught a number of techniques (including visualisation, positive affirmations, breath work etc) in order to help you transform your life and experience absolute fulfillment in being the best version of yourself – the IDEAL YOU!!!!!


So if you would like to unlock your potential and experience deep fulfillment, contact us now to make your booking.

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